Our facilities are not just stones and mortar. They are places where students become illuminated by new ideas, practice real-world skills and make lifelong friends.

We promise that the Missouri State experience permeates every part of campus, from residence halls to research buildings.

Students in front of the PSU wall

The benefits of the Our Promise campaign will not stop at the University’s boundaries. They will extend into the region, the state and across the nation.

We promise to continue the realationship with our local communities as an active partner in the University’s mission, vision and goals.

Students in front of the PSU wall

We promise that Missouri State helps students develop into engaged scholars. Excellent faculty members are an essential part of that progression.

Great universities have great faculty. That’s our promise.

Students in front of the PSU wall

Missouri State University is dedicated to developing educated, enlightened and ethical persons. This has always been our ultimate promise to students and the community.

Our promise will allow us to take our commitment to students to the next level.

Students in front of the PSU wall
Promises kept

Thanks to the outpouring of support from 73,270 donors, the Our Promise campaign exceeded its goal of $125 million.

Donations and commitments touch all areas of the University, including student scholarships, program support, capital projects and faculty endowments.


The campaign raised $167,000,783 in gifts and commitments, which allows Missouri State students today to thrive and lays the groundwork for a better MSU for generations of students to come.